Christian boarding school that nurtures respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in each young girl's life. - school for troubled teens and schools for boys.
boarding school girls

A Christian Boarding School for Difficult or Academically Underperforming Girls

boarding school girls

About Wings of Faith…A Christian Boarding School for Difficult or Academically Underperforming Girls

With the sincere desire to help the lives of troubled youth, the Wings of Faith Christian Boarding School was founded in October, 1994, by Bud and Debbie Martin.

Wings of Faith’s purpose and goal is two-fold…

First, we work with teenage and pre-teen girls, ages 8-17,  to help them become God-honoring and parent-honoring young ladies and to be an honest, hard-working asset to the community in which they will live. They are taught how to care for a family and home. We also desire to help each girl achieve a personal walk with God.

DSC_0158For the young lady whose relationship with her parents has been destroyed, we help to repair and rebuild that relationship. Instead of the student quitting or resorting to the “easy” solution, the staff at Wings of Faith works with these young ladies in order that they may find the right answers to their problems.

Secondly, Wings of Faith is a boarding school so it provides a college preparatory program that will prepare your girl for a chosen vocation in life. Our school helps your teen to build her academic skills and earn the credits needed for a high school diploma. This program serves teen girls of all academic aptitudes. Those who are able can work through an accelerated progression to college-level courses. For those with more modest capabilities, a flexible curriculum allows time for mastery of fundamental concepts. We strive to see each teen achieve at the highest level of her ability.

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Typical progression of a student:

When a student comes to WOF it is typical for there to be blame-shifting, avoidance of responsibility, and sometimes complete denial of wrong doing. Soon after enrollment the student begins to experience some regret for the consequences of her prior behavior. Essentially, she is “sorry” for being caught in her behavior but has yet to experience a turning away from her old sinful desires. This may be very similar to the ups and downs that parents have experienced at home, promises to change, periods of peace, that cycle back to crisis. Regret does not change individuals, repentance does.

Many times, teens have been spared the heartache of the full-blown consequences for their negative decisions. This is because at this age they are only beginning to experiment with behaviors that would later in life render them completely hopeless and unfulfilled in every area of their life; emotionally, academically, physically, and spiritually. In some cases teens have been protected from the full consequences of their decisions by well intending adults. For these reasons, teens are not always entirely certain of the need for change in their lives. However, the parent is convinced of this need for life changing intervention. At WOF we consider ourselves an early intervention program, intervening in adolescents’ lives before they become an adult trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle.

boarding school for girlsStudents are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and to hold others accountable for their actions. Students influence other students positively as opposed to the negative peer pressure that so many of our students face before coming to WOF. As a student comes into our program and demonstrates obedience, she begins to recognize and reap the benefits that come with obedience.

We provide a safe haven for adolescents who have sought to fill the void in their hearts, only to reap destructive consequences in its place. Our program provides an opportunity for each student to refocus and assess her life decisions and allows her the opportunity to choose the abundant life Christ has to offer. In the process, the student is taught indispensable lessons of strong work ethics, team work, patience, diligence, determination, communication, submission and motivation, to name a few.

The following are some of the signs that mark the marvelous transformation that we see take place in our students’ lives:

• Reconciliation with God and Family
• Acknowledgement of past wrongs, accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness
• True confidence in the unique individual they are
• Academic improvements
• Gifts and talents begin to excel again
• Becomes a positive influence on others
• Speaks the truth and makes the truth known
• Submits to authority
• Begins to have a vision for a positive future
• A joyful and peaceful disposition.

Our desire and goal is to encourage and nurture respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in the young girl’s life, whether academic, religious, social, athletic, musical, or extracurricular.

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About Our Christian Boarding School for Girls | Wings of Faith

Christian boarding school that nurtures respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in each young girl's life.

Christian boarding schools helping troubled teen girls. The Wings of Faith religious, faith-based, therapeutic residential school helps turn around rebellious girls who are defiant or out of control and get them back on track spiritually, mentally and academically. Compare our girls boarding school to therapeutic programs and other religious residential schools for girls. Call us to see how affordable our school for girls can be. Wings of Faith is a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen girls, ages 8-17. If your teen girl is deceitful, struggling with authority, running away, coming home late, sexually promiscuous, experimenting with alcohol or drugs, failing school, or has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, or depression, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Compulsive Personality Disorder, our boarding school for girls can help. Typical boarding schools tend to expel misbehaving girls, or girls with Conduct Disorder or Antisocial Personality Disorder, but we welcome them and work with them to change their behaviors. Our boarding school offers a well-balanced therapeutic program to help each troubled girl get back on track spiritually, behaviorally and academically.