Bipolar Disorder is a condition characterized by periods of abnormally high mood and energy followed by periods of abnormally low mood and energy level. - therapeutic boarding schools for girls and girls boarding schools.

Bipolar Disorder in Teenage Girls

What Bipolar Disorder Looks Like

Bipolar Disorder is a condition characterized by periods of abnormally high mood and energy followed by periods of abnormally low mood and energy level. Her mood swings back and forth between feelings of euphoria and depression, tending towards the extremes compared to the normal “ups and downs” which virtually everybody experiences in life.

While your girl may experience normal phases in between, the manic, or high phase, might find her excessively active and easily distracted, with racing thoughts, much talking and little need for sleep, inappropriately high self-esteem, poor judgment and temper control, lack of self control and engaging in reckless behavior (i.e.: binge drinking/eating/drug use/sexual activity).

Her depressive episodes might be marked with anxiety, guilt, isolation, anger, low mood or sadness, lack of energy, excessive/disturbed sleep, loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities or friends, suicidal thoughts or actions.

Causes for Bipolar Disorder (or BPD) are not clearly known, but family history and brain chemistry are considered to be factors. In addition, recognized factors include: a blood relative with BPD, drug or alcohol abuse, an excessive amount of a high stress or traumatic situation.

Is There Hope?

Because of the self-threatening natures of many of the behaviors associated with Bipolar Disorder, it is incredibly important to receive a correct diagnosis; in some cases, commitment (either voluntary or involuntary) will be appropriate, in order to allow treatment to proceed. The (attempted) suicide rate for girls with BPD is ten times the general population, and so early treatment is critical (as is the correct diagnosis, i.e.: not confusing her symptoms with chronic depression).

There are many medications that can help control BPD conditions, which should be taken along with therapy from a qualified individual. Both are absolutely required for a lifetime, since it can be misleading to feel that symptoms are no longer apparent, causing one to think that her problems may have been disappeared and she’s been cured.

Bipolar Disorder is very complex problem, but if your teen girl is suffering with it, we can help. Wings of Faith Academy is uniquely equipped to help struggling teen girls who are at risk from personality disorders.

Our structured environment and counseling will help your daughter get the help she needs in coping with BPD. We will help her discover and face her particular issues and learn how to make positive changes in her life.

Possibly, you feel you have tried everything, and nothing seems to work, but she just continues on a downward spiral. We understand how incredibly difficult it is when you are looking for help with an out-of-control teen. Finding the right boarding school will undoubtedly be one of the hardest – yet most important – decisions you will ever make. There is hope for your daughter, and our safe environment with compassionate care and staff supervision can be the first solid step in finding a way out of the control that Bipolar Disorder holds over her.

A Balanced Life

While it is clearly most important to help your teen with her Bipolar Disorder, along with her academic work (we offer a fully accredited high school diploma), we think it is also very important for her life to be well balanced.

To that end, we provide activities such as horseback riding, volleyball, swimming, caring for farm animals, wilderness outings, and more. Your daughter will learn to sing in our choir and to speak publicly. Our school offers a well-balanced therapeutic program designed to help her get back on track spiritually, behaviorally and academically.

Can Wings of Faith Academy for Girls Help?

Typical boarding schools tend to expel girls with difficult behaviors, but at Wings of Faith, we welcome them and work with them to change their behaviors.

Wings of Faith is an affordable conservative Christian boarding school, designed for pre-teen and teenage girls who are struggling with bad behavior and rebellion. The Academy provides behavioral correction with an emphasis on Christian values, set in a comfortable residential ranch setting.

Our methods have been turning teen girls around for over 20 years. Our school is a member of the Missouri Association of Christian Child Care Agencies (MACCCA).

If you’re seeking a solution to your daughter’s life-threatening condition, please call (417) 276-8761 and speak to us at Wings of Faith. Let us show you how we can help your teen overcome her Bipolar Disorder, and start the transformation of her life to a joyful and productive future.

Should you need help finding schools for troubled teen girls, christian boarding schools, or therapeutic schools for boys or troubled girl academies, please let us know.

Bipolar Disorder in Teenage Girls

Bipolar Disorder is a condition characterized by periods of abnormally high mood and energy followed by periods of abnormally low mood and energy level.

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