Schools for troubled girls in Iowa may not have what Wings of Faith offers in its school for girls in Missouri. - boarding schools for boys and schools for troubled teenage girls.

Schools for Girls in Iowa May Not Offer What Wings of Faith Academy Does

Is Your Teenager Struggling with Failing in School, Hanging Around with the Wrong Crowd, or Other Self-Destructive Choices?

Would you consider Wings of Faith Academy, a Missouri school for girls who are struggling with rebellion, life controlling issues and lack of respect for authority. Our school enrolls girls from Iowa year-round.

christian boarding schoolsBeing a concerned parent, you are considering enrolling your daughter in a school for girls. Maybe she has become rebellious and a danger to herself or her future. Maybe she is attempting to run away from home, is lying to you, skipping or failing school, using drugs and alcohol, or being promiscuous. If counseling is not influencing these behaviors, you need another option.

While you search in or near Iowa for a school for girls that will help your daughter, we invite you to consider Wings of Faith Academy in Stockton, Missouri. Though it is not in Iowa, Wings of Faith Academy has helped many girls from Iowa.

therapeutic boarding school for girlsEvery Girl Learns to Respect Herself and Others

We focus on coping skills, character, self-discipline, personal accountability and good habits. We enable them to repair and rebuild shattered relationships with their parents. Rather than giving them the right answers, we give girls the tools to uncover their own answers and find their way in life .

We emphasize spiritual growth throughout our program. Daily chapel services teach biblical principles that speak to the critical issues that teens deal with. A relationship with God results in true, lasting change. We have seen miracles happen in the lives of even the most rebellious teens.

girls schoolsOur Boarding School Prepares Young Women for Returning to School in Iowa or for Going on to College

Many girls come to us failing or falling behind in academics as a result of distractions of life issues. Our accredited high school curriculum allows girls to compensate for missed or failed credits and graduate high school on time. Girls of any skill level can succeed at the highest level of their ability and a lot of girls go on to the colleges they select. Our curriculum includes core subjects in addition to a variety of and electives. Our flexible computer-based curriculum allows time for mastery of fundamental concepts or an accelerated progression to college-level courses. We strive to see each girl in our care achieve at the highest level of her ability.

A School Where Girls Who Were Struggling Become Confident, Mature Young Women
boarding school

Teens need balance in their lives to grow healthy and whole.Our boarding school encourages and nurtures self-respect, self-discipline, leadership, and creativity in each young woman’s life. We engage girls with various activities to let them appreciate life again. Games, crafts, recreation, horseback riding, swimming, volleyball, movies, field trips and much more keep girls active and having fun.

Our therapeutic boarding school helps heal families from Iowa, and from places everywhere in the country.

To discover more, we invite you to read the rest of our website, then fill out our inquiry form or contact us directly at (417) 276-7185.

Enrollment is year-round. We help girls from Iowa.

More about schools for girls in Iowa:
Iowa is a state located in the Midwestern United States, an area often referred to as the “American Heartland”. It derives its name from the Ioway people, one of the many American Indian tribes that occupied the state at the time of European exploration. Iowa was a part of the French colony of New France. After the Louisiana Purchase, settlers laid the foundation for an agriculture-based economy in the heart of the Corn Belt. Iowa is often known as the “Food Capital of the World”. However, Iowa’s economy, culture, and landscape are diverse.
In the latter half of the 20th century, Iowa’s agricultural economy transitioned to a diversified economy of advanced manufacturing, processing, financial services, biotechnology, and green energy production. Iowa is the 26th most extensive and the 30th most populous of the 50 United States. Its capital and largest city is Des Moines. Iowa has been listed as one of the safest states to live in.

Excerpt about schools for girls in Iowa, used with permission from Wikipedia.

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Schools for Girls in Iowa

Schools for troubled girls in Iowa may not have what Wings of Faith offers in its school for girls in Missouri.

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