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Low Cost Options for Difficult or Rebellious Girls

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Low Cost Options for Difficult or Rebellious Girls

Attention Deficit Disorder in Teenage Girls

Are You Looking for a Christian Boarding School for Your Girl?

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We Will Provide You a List of the Best Boarding School Options for Her -- Schools Designed Just for Difficult or Underperforming Girls


Discover affordable therapeutic boarding schools designed for pre-teen and teenage girls who are struggling with bad behavior, rebellion, or academic issues. These schools provide therapy and around-the-clock care. They feature educational excellence and a healthy lifestyle with an abundance of recreation and faith-based training.

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Best Choice Admissions is a FREE service dedicated to helping families connect with resources and programs for troubled teenagers.

We understand that it can be difficult to know which school or program is most appropriate for your teen. You don’t have to visit them all, but we do. We work with dozens of therepeutic schools for troubled youth. Ask for our free assistance below. All inquiries are kept confidential, your information will never be sold or given to anyone else. There is absolutely no obligation, nor pressure for you to pick any school.

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PROTECTED PRIVACY: Your information is kept confidential and will not be sold or given to any other entity.

(1) HOW DO WE SELECT PROGRAMS TO REPRESENT? ANSWER: We connect with an ever-widening range of programs and schools that we select based on the breadth of their program, longevity, location, reviews, facility, and the expertise of their personnel. Though we do not know everything that transpires at the programs and schools we represent, those that fail to keep the students safe or that fail to keep up their level of service are removed from our list. Even so, parents must understand that we have no control over the program or school.

(2) HOW ARE WE REMUNERATED FOR OUR SERVICES? ANSWER: We are a contracted agent of institutions that allow us to represent them. We receive a flat fee (regardless of the cost of the school/program or the services provided) for any enrollment that is the result of our assistance. We are never paid other kickbacks nor are paid according to the level of the services rendered by the institution to the individual.

(3) HOW DO WE CHOOSE WHICH INSTITUTIONS TO OFFER AS OPTIONS? ANSWER: We are not licensed, educational consultants or psychologists. We never “refer” an individual to any specific program as would such a professional. Instead, we offer to the individual a list of several that we deem are the best potential options from among the organizations that we represent, and those options are based on the family’s financial ability and the level of services that may be required for the child. We do recommend that the parent seek licensed medical, psychological, or educational help in making a final determination of which school or program to select.

(4) WHAT KIND OF AGREEMENT DOES BEST CHOICE HAVE WITH THESE SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS? ANSWER: We connect with what we think are the best programs and schools (based on our experience of working in such programs and schools in the past) and ask them if they would allow us to include them in our list of options. Others contact us for assistance, which begins a review process to see if they are worthy of being included in our network. If so, we enter into a contract with them to become the agent of their admissions department, but we make no promises as to the number of individuals we will direct to their organization, nor do we allow any to pay or give us any more remuneration than our flat fee.

(5) WHAT WOULD CAUSE BEST CHOICE TO NOT REPRESENT A PROGRAM, OR TO HELP ANY INDIVIDUAL), WHO CONTACTS US. ANSWER: We work with any individual, regardless of their ethnicity or beliefs. The only individuals who may not be helped by us are those who have no funds to pay any organization we represent, or if any or all of those organizations we represent decline to accept the child, at their own discretion. As for programs and schools, we will represent them as long as we are assured that they are doing a good job, and the students are kept safe. However, since we do not know everything that goes on at the organization, nor have any control over that, the organization indemnifies us from liability.

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Attention Deficit Disorder in Teenage Girls | Christian academy

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a behavior pattern seen as the inability to focus on task, and being easily distracted. See more.